Last Sunlight

from by Tom Slatter

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Maybe we’ll surface soon,
Under a winter moon,
Thaw must have left weakness.

Maybe we’ll freeze again
Awaiting the summer rain,
Ice in our veins.

A ship sails on a solid sea,
A perfect place for you and me,
A moondial turns until we move again.

Last sunlight for six months,
Last movement this year.

Last Sunlight Fading,
Ice in our veins.


from Papercuts Sunlight Snow, track released January 15, 2011
Music written and recorded By Tom Slatter, from a chord progression twitter wrote.




Tom Slatter London

A latter-day Victorian street-theatre barker with a guitar promising tales of mystery, imagination, ‘orrible murders and bloody great waving tentacles’ is how Tom Slatter has been described. Since 2010 he has been scaring audiences with five albums and numerous EPs of storytelling songs. ... more

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