Papercuts Sunlight Snow

by Tom Slatter

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released 01 January 2012




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Tom Slatter London

What would it sound like if Nick Cave started writing songs with Genesis after watching too many episodes of Dr Who? How many songs about replacing your body parts with mechanical alternatives is too many? Does the world need a steampunk/scifi inspired prog rock act? Tom Slatter set out to answer none of these questions, but accidentally did. ... more

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Track Name: Without Your Hand
I'll find my fallen star without your help
I'll trek through unknown lands without your help

I'll find those distant sands
without your hand to guide me

I'm under twisting skies without your help
weeds picked from empty paths with no-one

I'll dig through distant sands
without your hand to guide me home
let me drift off with the waves let me go

Carvings that speak with age but no-one's here
voices from long ago but no-ones here

Under these distant sands
without your voice to soothe me

Echoes of anger past and deep red stains
Eaten by ageless wind and acid rains
I'll dig through distant sands
without your hand to guide me home

let me drift off with the waves let me go

I just want to sleep in these old graves
I Just want to feel to these old graves
Track Name: Last Sunlight
Maybe we’ll surface soon,
Under a winter moon,
Thaw must have left weakness.

Maybe we’ll freeze again
Awaiting the summer rain,
Ice in our veins.

A ship sails on a solid sea,
A perfect place for you and me,
A moondial turns until we move again.

Last sunlight for six months,
Last movement this year.

Last Sunlight Fading,
Ice in our veins.